Managed Telco Services, based in Victoria, is a nationwide provider of mobile phone services.  We have developed VisionTelco in partnership with Vision Australia to offer the best value mobile communications services to people with low vision.

Our commitment with VisionTelco is to provide our customers with the most accessible phones available with the latest brands, all of which have in-built accessibility functions for users with low vision.

In addition, you will have the option of purchasing Synapptic Software across some of our handsets that offers smartphone accessibility to blind or low vision users.

And most importantly, unlike many other phone providers, you will have access to dedicated training and support through our partnership with Vision Australia to ensure that you are confident in using your mobile phone.

Friendly and patient customer support is one of the pillars upon which Managed Telco Services was founded and is key to delivering our services. Our staff are attentive to the special needs of customers and are to here assist.

To contact a member of our support team, please call 1300 847 835.